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Both of us ( John Benny and Éilís) are musical and have met most of our friends through music, and continue to do so. We encourage guests to have a go at a song or a tune, so, though we have to have microphones in order that everyone can hear the music and our voices don’t wear out! Listen and enjoy the experience of great live traditional Irish music and songs in Gaelic and English. Resist the temptation to video, if you can at all - its so much more real and memorable to take it all in… and remember that’s how we all came to have a tradition of song and tunes ourselves.

Bainigí taithneamh as an gceol agus bígí ar bhúr suaimhneas!

Is treise Dúchas ná oiliúint

Traditional music and in particular , singing is to be heard here in John benny’s. John Benny and Eilis were born and raised in this area and , like many here , have a huge respect for the tradition . John Benny is a button accordion and whistle player and also is a long time member of the Dingle Fife & Drum Band. He has been playing music since his teens and enjoys the many musicians who come to play.

Eilis has been singing and playing music all her life – she plays a flute made for her by Maurice Reviol while he was in Dingle working with Cillian O’ BrIan , the uilleann piper and maker.

She has a huge repertoire of Irish and English songs , many learned form her late father and uncle. Eilis has toured the world and is one half of the band Lumiere , with Pauline Scanlon.

But there’s nowhere like home .. …..and John Benny’s Pub!

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